Talking As Fast As I Can, Lauren Graham, 2017


I’d given “slapping a bass” a whole new meaning. Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham’s memoir fit into a few categories in the 2018 Reading Challenge. It was a 1) celebrity memoir that was a 2) 2017 Good Choice Award Winner that 3) made me laugh out loud. But more importantly, it fulfills the Book With A Six Word Title challenge. Six word titles are not as easy to find as you think. And now I can breathe a sigh of relief having finally found one that I was excited to read.

I’m a big Gilmore Girls fan. As the only child of a young single parent, the idea that a show would focus on that family dynamic was welcome and affirming. Disney princesses aside, you didn’t really see single parent households in family entertainment in 2000. Especially one so unapologetic. Graham’s upbeat and energetic portrayal of Lorelai captured the spontaneity that comes with growing up with your parent.

Graham recounts her whimsical childhood (first Honolulu, then Japan, then a houseboat) and her early days as a struggling theatre actress in New York to successful tv and film star in Los Angeles and all the wacky adventures that got her there.  She also talks about the perks and weirdness that accompany fame, like being famous enough to guest host on Project Runway yet still being awestruck enough to draw a blank.

Of course, for most of us, the real fun starts when she recollects her Gilmore Girls years from breathing life into Lorelai Gilmore and reviving her almost ten years later. She recalls first impressions of costars, hopes and expectations for the show as well as the behind the scenes production drama that comes with getting a show on the air. Graham focuses on the positive, staying away from gossip or pettiness leaving the quaint colorful world of Stars Hollow intact.

Would be actors will find her climb familiar and inspiring, though things have changed a great deal from the early nineties when she began her ascent. I’m sure there are aspects of the acting career that don’t change much. Gilmore Girl fans will love the inside stories of the making of the original as well as the reunion ten years later. Graham has a light, genuine tone, humility and self-depreciating humor that make her writing enjoyable and accessible.

Thoughts that linger:

I always considered Graham to be a private person since she managed to avoid the tabloids and was delighted that she shared pictures of herself from childhood to the present.

She includes a section in each of the season summaries called “Times were different” where she reminds viewers of once common, now archaic, aspects of life like *69ing and using disposable cameras.

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