New Year, New Blog

About two weeks after the start of 2018, I decided that my New Year’s Resolution would be to read more. And I tried.  I picked up books, read a few pages and lost interest.

Then I stumbled upon the 52 Book in 52 Weeks book challenge (link below).  It was created by Liz Mannegren at Mommy Mannegren. I appreciated the diversity built into the categories like a book that opposes your viewpoint as well as books by authors from other countries.

There are also fun categories like a book based solely on its cover or one with bad reviews. There are what I would call personal categories like a book with a main character that shares your name or one that was written the year you were born. And some wacky categories like a book with a green spine or a book with a six-word title. It’s already got me looking at books more closely, trying to figure out the category it could fit into.

I’m not reading them in any order, and with a few exceptions I’m not planning too far ahead. I want to leave some cushion for the books that have yet to be published.

The weekly reviews will be short and like the title says, focused on older books, some that have been out for decades. With the those, I’m not going to worry about spoiling the ending, but I will put warnings at the top of the review when I do.  Hope you enjoy.

2018 Reading Challenge + FREE PRINTABLE

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